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What’s Up

The Earth Replies

And heaven and nature sing! It’s the Empire City Men’s Chorus’ annual holiday concert, this year featuring festive music that examines our relationship to the earth. This series has four performances this year across Brooklyn and Manhattan, so there’s plenty […]

The Gay Divorcee

I can hardly believe it’s happening, but the new musical for which I wrote the script featuring a score entirely by the great Cole Porter, is getting a starry developmental reading in November! This is a true thrill and I’m […]

Everybody Cut-

Cut Footloose! What does that even mean? Who cares! We had a great time putting up Footloose at the Barn even in spite of that nasty aunt ‘Rona. If there’s a better 80’s movie-musical-turned-stage-musical I don’t know it. Playing these […]

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Randomized Reviews!

“Even so, the music is beautifully conducted by Robbie Cowan.”