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What’s Up

4 Guys Down Under

A great two weeks in the South Pacific by the 4 Guys Who Sing! Incredible responses from the audiences aboard the HAL Maasdam. Looking forward to another hitch in about a month.

4 Guys on the High Seas

The 4 Guys Who Sing, a hilarious musical comedy entertainment concept created and produced by Robbie, is now being seen by audiences world-wide! Right now the guys are aboard Viking Ocean Cruises and next week will be traveling to Sydney […]

Christmas on ABC

See Robbie with the professional choir of Marble Collegiate Church nation-wide this Christmas night! Last year’s beautiful service will be presented at midnight or 1am in most markets around the country on ABC. More info on local airtime available here.

What else is going on?

Randomized Reviews!

“…spirited musical direction by Robbie Cowan.”