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What’s Up

Who Did It in the Virtual Theater Festival

Even though traditional theater is experiencing a long intermission, we’re still creating new avenues for art! The Virtual Theater Festival has accepted my short play Who Did It from among 150 submissions! The live, online performance will be presented […]


I had a great time as a guest on Krista Kopper’s Backstage Creative podcast. We talked about everything theater, even during a shutdown, including music school, pit band stigma, the gender gap, contracting, and happiness. Listen here or wherever you […]

Choir in Cyberspace

The clergy of Marble Collegiate Church have wisely decided to keep their professional choir working, even as the church itself is unable to invite people into the space. Marble has been producing high quality video streams of Sunday (and Wednesday!) […]

What else is going on?

Randomized Reviews!

“Meanwhile, in the pit, musical director Robbie Cowan conducts Doug Besterman’s lively orchestrations and Glen Kelly’s lovely arrangements in grand, big-band style.”