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What’s Up

Merry Christmas to All, and…

If you’re looking for a home to celebrate, please join the Marble Choir with soloists and special guests for Christmas Eve services at 6:30 and 8:30, with a beautiful program of preludes beginning 20 minute prior to each service. If […]

“The greatest show I’ve ever seen”

Look at our new commercial for the 4 Guys Who Sing, the show I wrote, produced, and directed this summer! New footage edited by Gregg Monteith, featuring Elliott Cunningham, Julian Diaz-Granados, David Bryant Johnson, and Bradley Allen Zarr.

A Season of Waiting

Come to Marble Collegiate Church this Sunday for our annual Advent concert, featuring a full chamber orchestra, the volunteer Festival of Voices, and the 25 voice professional Marble Sanctuary Choir. It’ll be a beautiful way to celebrate this December season!

What else is going on?

Randomized Reviews!

“The show’s brassy, eight-member pit orchestra is ably conducted with vigor by Robbie Cowan.”