2017 Year in Review

Excuse the self-agrandizing post (but what else is social media for?), but I’ve had a remarkable year of professional and personal development. Although things were sometimes catastrophic on the national level, things were generally pretty good for me and my family!

For the second year in a row I was a part of a Moss Hart award winning show with DJ Salisbury’s All Shook Up. I spent the first part of the year putting together a charming little production of A Little Night Music with the fantastic students at Pace University. Got to revisit Bullets Over Broadway with the one-and-only Jeff Whiting. Music directed and played onstage for a beautiful little My Fair Lady. Even sang a bit, including a Philip Glass opera and a Caroline Polachek concept project with Choral Chameleon. And now spending a frigid winter under the sea with The Little Mermaid.

This is not to mention the hundreds of singers I got to work with, either coaching or accompanying, or the hundreds (thousands?) of 30 second micro-collaborations I made with singers in auditions.

I went to Mexico (twice!), to a part of England I’d never seen, and lived and worked in 5 states across the northeast. Made new friends and kept the old.

It’s easy to get to the new year and say “well I’m glad that’s over!” or “had a horrible year, looking forward to moving on,” but I’m increcibly grateful for the friends, family, and experiences that made 2017 great. AND I’m looking forward to moving on!

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