Who Did It in the Virtual Theater Festival

Even though traditional theater is experiencing a long intermission, we’re still creating new avenues for art! The Playbill.com Virtual Theater Festival has accepted my short play Who Did It from among 150 submissions! The live, online performance will be presented on the second night of the two-night festival. Info and tickets are here.

When the host of a fancy dinner party mysteriously dies, his guests become murder suspects. Sound familiar? Think again: Who Did It is the 10-minute comedy murder mystery that breaks all the rules. Separated into different rooms of the house, the Detective video conferences with four wacky suspects who aren’t what they seem. In the end, the audience chooses who they think committed the murder with a twist that questions the nature of crime and punishment. Featuring a cast of comedy upstarts, Broadway veterans, and Drag Queens, this killer comedy makes you decide: Who Did It?

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